Sr No.TitleAuthorDownload
1Functionalized carbon nanotubes (F-CNTs) Integration on Glass fiber by Solution Dip coating and Characterization via Nano-indentationMisbah Ullah QureshiPDF
2Treatment of Municipal Water at Pakistan Steel Mill Waste Water Treatment Plant Considering Its Social and Environmental ImpactsMasroor Ali PanhwarPDF
3Combination of Bio-Adsorbent for enhanced removal of lead from Aqueous SolutionArsalan Aziz JokhioPDF
4Modeling and simulation of ethanol extractive distillation process of COCAFE plant using Aspen HYSYSAnees AhmedPDF
5Sweetening of Natural Gas by Optimizing Feed Parameters (Feed Flow Rate, Feed Temperature and Feed Pressure) through SimulationAdnan AliPDF
6Regeneration of waste automobile lubricating oil by solvent extractionShahryar MemonPDF
7Analysis of solvent’s effects on gas dehydration of Hassan Gas field using Aspen HYSYSHabibullahPDF
8Optimized Process Scheme Selection for Nitrogen Removal from Natural Gas and Present Accurate Equation of State ModelMuhammad Taha Mahmood KhanPDF
9Investigation of Methane Combustion under Flameless Conditions through numerical simulationsMunawar Ali KhaskheliPDF
10Fixed Bed Column Study for the Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater by Adsorption on Graphene Coated Functionalized Polyacrylonitrile FiberWaseem AbroPDF
11Ag doped MnOx catalyst for formaldehyde removal at room temperatureMunzar BadshahPDF
12Numerical investigation on the effects of Drag force models on fluid dynamic behavior of CO2 –IL systemAnees AhmedPDF
13Analyzing factors affecting biogas plant location considering Economic Environment and Social perspectiveAqsa Akber KorejoPDF
14Baseline study on biodiesel potential of onion wasteRahat Inayat Ali HajanoPDF
15Numerical Simulations of Solar Curved Plate Collector for evaluating its performanceJameel DethoPDF
16Valorization of extracted lignin to enable the lignocellulosic biomass as a sustainable source for enhanced biofuelMohammad SiddiquePDF
17Investigation of combustion behavior of ammonia with hydrogen and methane through numerical simulationsMuhammad Saqib SahitoPDF
18Utilization of Fly ash and Indus River Sand in Autoclaved Aerated ConcreteMohsin AliPDF
19The way of production of Metakaolin from natural material Soorh for Geopolymer ConcreteAqsa MuradPDF
20Experimental investigation on the Cu removal from wastewater using different adsorbentsHafeez Ur Rehman HakroPDF
21Adsorption of Arsenic by the Chemically Modified Polyacrylonitrile Fiber from
Mariam Mir MemonPDF